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JL Audio W1 vs. W3 Subwoofer

Is the JL Audio W3 that much better than the W1? Is the W1 a better value? We compare these two subwoofers to help you find the right one for your ride. Click to read.

JL Audio W6 vs. W7 Subwoofer

Are you deciding between the JL Audio W6 vs. W7? There are no bad choices here, but we explain which one may or may not be better. Click to read now.

JL Audio W1 vs. TW1 Subwoofer

How does the JL Audio W1 compare to the low profile, TW1? We put these two mid-level subs head to determine which ones work better for which applications. Click to read.

Kicker Comp vs. CompC Subwoofer

Our Kicker Comp vs. Kicker CompC comparison outlines the differences, pros, and cons of these two affordable yet hard hitting subwoofers from Kicker. Click to read now.

JL Audio W3 vs. TW3 Subwoofer

We compare the JL Audio W3 vs. JL Audio TW3 to see whether the low-profile stacks up against the proven performer. Does the shallow model sound shallow? Click to find out.

Kicker CompRT vs. L7T Subwoofer

Are you deciding between the Kicker CompRT and the L7T? Is the square L7T worth it? We compare these two to help you pick the right one. Click to read now.

JL Audio TW3 vs. TW5 Subwoofer

How does the TW3 stack up against the TW5? JL is known for their low profile woofer performance and these two don't disappoint. Click to read now.

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