Kicker Speakers

Kicker Audio provides top quality speakers that will enhance the sound quality of your cars audio system. Kicker Audio offers four different kinds of speakers, DS, KS, CS and Dash Speakers and they all have their own special characteristics. For example, our KS Speakers use silk dome tweeters which makes the sound flow smoother through your speakers; CS Speakers use Polypropylene They also feature extended voice coil technology, which creates a deep, clear bass sound. KS Speakers include speaker grilles that protect your speakers from being affected from the outside elements or distortion that can build into the back of the speakers.

Or how about our Kicker Dash Speakers which use efficient PEI dome tweeters and polypropylene cones to make the sound quality more smooth and efficient. These dash speakers run smoother if you feature an amplifier with it. Your polypropylene cone will work with that amp to give you the best quality sound for your interior. Any of the speakers that we offer here are guaranteed to restore the audio system in your car, make the right choice with Kicker Audio, an official partner of Classic Car Stereos!
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