Kicker CX vs. KX Amplifiers
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Kicker CX vs. KX Amplifiers

Kicker CX vs. KX Amplifiers

Kicker CX Amplifiers

The innovative CX-Series Kicker Amplifiers provide the legendary power that kicker is known for without compromising on efficiency or design. These sophisticated amplifiers have an optimized circuit layout, the highest grade internal components available and other useful features that set them apart from the rest of the pack.

Controlling Your Amplifier

Kicker's CX-Series amplifiers come with a variable 12dB Crossover, a KickEQ™ 6dB variable bass boost. Kicker's mono amps in the CX-Series also come with a 24dB subsonic filter. All of these options will give you great control over dailing in your amplifier to the best possible sound in your vehicle.

One Ohm Stability

Kicker's mono amplifiers in the CX-Series are now stable down to one ohm. Allowing the avaialble power to be driven down to 1 Ohm lets you put even more subwoofers in your sound system powered off a single amplifier

Remote Control

Kicker's mono CX-Series amplifiers have a CXARC remote control that's available to be added to the amplifier. This remote allows you to adjust your bass from your driver's seat so you can find the perfect mix for your system.

Mounting Options

Kicker's CX-Series amplifiers come with both horizontal and vertical mounting hardware. This gives you options for your installation to not only find the best location for your amp, but also to show off it's beautiful design in style.

FIT+™ Technology

Kicker's FIT+™ (Fail-safe Integration Technology-PLUS) provides for outstanding noise rejection - even when using premium factory audio systems.


Kicker's CX-Series amplifier technology provides clean, powerful music, and makes it available for almost every vehicle on the road today. Kicker does this in the CX-Series amps without needing to change your radio or needing to add a line-out converter. These CX-Series amps are powerful and work with as little as nine volts of power from your vehicles battery, and as much as 40 volts (400 watts) of speaker-level input signal.

Kicker KX Amplifiers

The Kicker KX Series Amplifiers are truly in a league of their own. This line of nine powerful new amplifiers feature high efficiency, monster wattage and sleek design.

The KX series offers the biggest and baddest amps on the block, with the potential to pump out up to 2,400 watts of power without compromising on design, clarity or dependability.

A Kicker Amplifier will allow you to get the most power, best sound and longest life out of your car speakers.

Controlling Your Amplifer

Kicker's KX-Series amplifiers come with a variable 24dB Crossover, a KickEQ+™ 18dB variable bass boost. Kicker's mono and 5-channel amps in the KX-Series also come with a 24dB subsonic filter. All of these options will give you great control over dailing in your amplifier to the best possible sound in your vehicle.

Remote Control

Calling Kicker's KX-Series remote a "bass knob" does it a disservice. The wireless remote can control as many as 4 amplifiers simultaneously. This includes the mono KX amplifiers, and also the bass channel of the KXA800.5 model. The amp features controls for clipping, gain, phase, bass boost and more.

Mounting Options

Kicker's KX series amps do not come with mounting hardware. Instead, there is a supplied 3mm allen wrench that will be used to remove the amplifer EndKaps. This will give you access to the mounting holes for the supplied screws that come with the amp. Using these screws would require some drilling so factor in that a power drill will likely be needed to complete an install using the supplied hardware.

FIT2™ Technology

Kicker's FIT2™ (Fail-Safe Integration Technology) on the KX-Series amps comes loaded with advanced circuitry that supplies superior clarity and dependibility that works with nearly every radio made.


KX Amplifiers combine a sleek look and potent features with up to 2,400 watts of Earth-shattering power. You want high efficiency, monster wattage and small amp size. One ohm stability* and Class D construction means KICKER® amps fit nearly anywhere, with up to 2,500 watts of bone-shaking power.
*Mono models and subwoofer output of KXA800.5.

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