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How to Bench Test Your Radio

Radio won't turn on? We show you how to bench test your radio to quickly identify whether the issue is with the radio or the wiring in the vehicle.

Buyer's Guide - The Best Classic Car Radio

In this buyers guide we will explain the differences between each brand and radio model, give our recommendations, and provide you with the questions you need to ask yourself before you buy.

Custom Autosound vs Antique Automobile Radio

What's the same? What's the difference? Why do AAR radios cost more? We help you determine whether a Custom Autosound radio or an Antique Automobile Radio is right for your classic car.

Radio Clipping Settings

What is the loudest volume I can turn my classic car radio up to? How do I avoid clipping my stereo? Why is my stereo clipping and distorting? How do I stop my radio from clipping? Why does my stereo sound bad?

Custom Autosound USA-230 vs USA-630

The USA-230 and USA-630 have been staples in Custom Autosound's radio offering. Let's compare these two and help you decide which is best for your car.

Custom Autosound USA-740 vs USA-630

Are you deciding between the Custom Autosound USA-740 and the USA-630? We will explain the differences and give you our recommendation based on several factors.

Custom Autosound vs. RetroSound®

Trying to decide between Custom Autosound and Retrosound? What are the difference between the two radio companies? We explain the technology and mechanical differences between Custom Autosound vs. Retrosound.

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