Audison Speakers

Classic Car Stereos provides quality sound systems from Audison that can help make listening to music in your car easier and enjoyable. We offer 2 Way and 3 Way Speakers that apply for our Speaker Grilles and our Coaxial Speakers as well. For instance, our 6x9 3 Way Speaker Grilles is one of best quality sounding speakers that come in 6x9 sizes. Includes a 40mm Horn Loading Dome Tweeter and acoustic lenses that will maximize the distribution of the high frequency sounds that go through your car when you play your music. The APX690 features a PEI (Polyethylene injected) Supertweeter, which helps strengthen the emissions high frequency ranges that could affect the stereo speakers performance. Uses a fast current terminal with a temperature resistant cover that can protect your APX690 from accidental short circuits. The APX690 does require a strong amplifier to power their system for peak performance, we here at Classic Car Stereos recommend using either the Rockford Fosgate PBR400x4D or T400x4d models because of they will not drain the battery of your APX690 and are incredibly strong and efficient.

We also offer top quality Coaxial Speakers that come in 4 or 5.25inches. The APX4 model features a Coaxial Tweeter allows for consistent sound emissions coming from your speakers. The 4inch cone surround system comes with a “Triple Wave” profile for the best possible range of sound coming from your Coaxial Speakers. The APX5 is similar to the APX 4 in that is has the Triple Wave profile and a Coaxial Tweeter, but it also features a 93dB/SPL rating to give the speakers a pure efficient sound quality and the bass levels for the APX5 is much smoother and louder than other 5” speakers on the market. Classic Car Stereos has a variety of speakers and amps that will do wonders for the audio system in your ride!
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