My Amplifier Won't Turn On

The main cause for amplifiers not turning on is its connection with the radio. Your amplifier needs to have power in its remote and power wires in order for the amp to run efficiently. If your remote wire does not have power than your amp will not turn on and since your remote wire is connected to the radio, your amp is depending on the radio to generate power so that it can power itself on. To sum it all up, your amp will follow the lead of your radio. If the radio is off, then the amp will be off, if it is on the amp will be on. The radio’s remote wire or (power antenna for some models), connects to the REM terminal on the power terminal block. It needs a large power cable that connects directly to the battery with the same size ground cable. You will also need a 12v power source to get the amp and radio to turn on simultaneously.

Using an Autique Automobile Radio with an amplifier?

If you are using an AAR radio with your amplifier, you will not be able to use the fader function that is built into the radio. The reason is that these radios typically have 3 channel RCA outputs. That limits what the owner can control with their amp; with these RCA outputs you only control what goes left and right but not the front and back. In order to control the sound on all sides of your speakers, you have to use the gain on the amp to adjust the sound from front to back.

Is your amp in anti-theft mode?

Another thing you should check your amp for is any anti-theft modes that your amp might have installed into their system. A lot of amplifiers have a “protection mode” installed into their hardrive to protect against theft and will become useless once activated. If your amp has a protection light, simply unplug the wires from your speakers. If the light turns off then the speakers are the problem, not the amplifier.

If you have tried all of these methods and you still do not get power, give us a call at 888-789-7297 or email and we will assist you.