Kicker Subwoofers

Kicker is known for the subwoofers and their Comp series subs definitely perform. Kicker offers a subwoofer to meet the needs of all car owners regardless of music style and amount of space available. The Kicker Comp and the CompVR are mainstays that are proven winners. Some of the newer offerings including the Comp C, Comp R, Comp RT and Comp VXhave expanded their line to meet the every changing 12 volt industry. Their are two types of subwoofer buyers, SQ or sound quality and SPL, sound pressure level. SQ woofers have more flexible cones for true, accurate bass response while the SQL woofers are designed to hit, and hit hard! The Kicker Comp R is the Kicker woofer that is designed for sound quality. The Comp C is the newest version of the Comp woofer and has a less rigid cone for more accurate response and it won't knock the the Comp does.
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