Dash Speakers

We have dash speakers for classic cars that will fit your original dash openings and give you stereo sound out of your mono location. We offer three different types of speakers, a dual dash mount speaker, a Kenwood dual dash mount speaker, and a dual voice coil speaker. Depending on your vehicle, the dash speaker may come with a bracket that is needed in order to mount it. In addition, some vehicles with air conditioning do not have enough room to accommodate the depth of a dual voice coil speaker.

For most applications, if it is available, we recommend the dual voice coil speaker. The dual dash mount speaker consists of 2, 3.5" or 4" speakers mounted on a board. The dual voice coil speaker is a speaker with two tweeters on it, one for the left channel and one for the right. The dual voice coil has more surface area for mid-range response which will offer more bass than the dual dash mount speakers, including the Kenwood.