JBL Car Amplifiers

Classic Car Stereos provides high powered JBL amplifiers from Harman Kardon that is guaranteed to give your audio system even more kick and bass. We offer three different types of amplifiers, Club, GTR Stadium and GX Amplifiers, each with their own different features and capabilities. JBL Club Amplifiers are assembled with 4 channel and 5 channel attachments and their compact design allows them to fit into any type interior. Club Amplifiers are a special breed of amplifiers because they use high and low level inputs that allows them to work with virtually any kind of stereo. They work at high power levels of 1000W ranging all the way to 1800W power. Features variable crossovers and bass boost technology which allows you to control the tuning and volume more accurately than other amplifiers. JBL Club Amplifiers are compatible with advanced vehicle technologies like Forward Collision Warning and Harman HALOsonic system. JBL Club Amplifiers can portray smooth engine sounds to give your drive a more relaxing vibe, especially in hybrid or electric cars; also blocks out road noise to give you a clear atmosphere to play your audio in.

JBL GX Amplifiers brings the same kind of audio quality that you would get in a recording studio. The GX-A602 models are one of the more popular amps not just for JBL, but for the entire industry. It compact size allows it to fit in any type of interior and it will still give prime performance. It features 2-channel full range capacity, a cast-aluminum heat sink to absorb any excessive heat from possibly tampering with your GX system, a built-in electronic crossover and a switchable bass boost for more precision tuning. Another GX Amp model is the A-3001 that uses well over 400 Watts power that gives your stereo enough bass to shake the ground when you drive your car. JBL has been providing efficient, high quality sound systems for almost seven decades, they’ve continued to reinvent themselves through their different stereos, audio systems and amplifiers. They are one of the most trusted audio manufactures in the industry and we here at Classic Car Stereos are proud to showcase their high powered GX Amplifiers.

Classic Car Stereos is home to GTR Stadium Amplifiers from JBL Audio. GTR Stadium Amps standout from its counterparts because it gives you the high power efficiency that you expect from Class D amps and still maintains the same JBL performance. Just like Club Amplifiers, GTRs accept both high and low level inputs, which make them applicable to any stereo system in the industry. GTRs come in 2, 4, and 5 channel amps but what really make these GTRs special are their attachments. They offer Bluetooth connection, Clari-Fi music technology they analyze and improve audio from compressed files, a multi-pairing “Party Mode” that allows anyone in the car to stream music. If you want a state of the art amplifier that can give your stereo system more power and efficiency, then go with JBL GTR Stadium Amplifiers from Classic Car Stereos!

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