4 Channel Amplifiers

4 channel amplifiers are among the most popular in the 12 volt market today. 4 channel amplifiers are often used to power 4 speakers in your car, front left, front right, rear left, and rear right. In addition, if you are running 8 speakers, make sure your amp is 2 ohm stable and you can use a 4 channel amp to power all 8 speakers. Lastly, you can use a 4 channelamp to power 2 speakers and a subwoofer as long as the amplifier can be bridged. We carry 4 channel amplifiers ranging from $139.95 up to $999, depending on the power output and features you require. Generally speaking, the you get what you pay for with four channel amplifiers. Although the wattage might say they put out the same "number" usually the higher end amps offercleaner, better sounding power than the lower cost alternatives. Regardless of what direction you go, an amplifier will always sound much better than just using deck power, so find a 4 channel amp that meets your budget and get ready for clean, clear sound while driving your car.
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