We offer a variety of accessories that go along with your classic car radio. We offer items such as 6 volt to 12 volt converters, CD changers, antennas, Bluetooth adapters and more. Our 6V to 12V converters are available for both positive and negative ground systems so that you can play a modern, 12V negative radio in your classic car without having the sacrifice the original electrical system. The hidden amplified antenna is extremely popular and provides an AM/FM antenna without forcing you to drill a hole in your fender. Simply plug it into the antenna connection on the radio, provide it with 12 Volts from the power antenna lead on the radio, and mount it in a location that can see daylight. We recommend in the lower passenger side of the windshield or rear window. If you mount it to a metal surface, the metal will shield the radio signal and it will not work.
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