Q.Do your radios come with a warranty?

A.All of our radios are backed by a 2 year warranty. When you purchase your radio from ClassicCarStereos.com, we offer a 60 day replacement option as well. If you feel your radio is defective, call us at 888-789-7297 or email support@classiccarstereos.com to describe your issues. We will try to troubleshoot your issue to make the existing radio work as most issues can be resolved. If we can't resolve the issue, we will send a return label and replace the radio when we receive the defective item back, bypassing the testing and warranty process with the manufacturer.

Q.Do your radios come with a bezel?

A.Most radios do NOT come with a bezel. Instead, the radio is designed to install through the back of your dash. Some applications such as 1967-1968 Camaro, 1957-1958 Ford cars, 1959 Ford cars, and most Volkswagen radios do come with a bezel or faceplate. If your vehicle came with a bezel originally, you will need to re-use it or find a replacement. Most pictures show the radio installed in the dash of the vehicle.

Q.Does the radio come with a wiring harness?

A.All radios come with a new wiring harness that you will have to splice and connect to your vehicle's electrical system. Most radios require 3 wires for power, a hot wire(B+), and ignition (ACC) wire, and a ground wire (GND).

Q.Can I use my original knobs?

A.Most original radios used "D" shafts and our radios are split shaft. To make the originals work you need to remove the insert and install a piece of metal for the split shaft.

Q.Can Sirius/XM Satellite Radio be added to Custom Autosound radios?

A.You can use Sirius XM with our radios, but you can't connect and control Sirius/XM on the radio itself. You will need a stand-alone, separate tuner or you can connect via the Sirius/XM app on your phone and play Sirius/XM via Bluetooth. Our radios cannot be used with the SXV-300 direct SIRIUS/XM Tuner. And adding the hideaway Sirius/XM is not always easy to install in classic Corvettes, Mustangs, T-Birds, or any car with limited space behind the dash. However, two options exist.

  • Consider purchasing a radio with Bluetooth and add the Sirius XM app subscription for your phone. The advantage is that you now have access via your phone, anywhere. The additional cost to add the app subscription is usually much lower than adding an additional radio to your subscription
  • The Sirius/XM DOCK AND PLAY units (Onyx EZ, Onyx Plus, Stratus 7, etc.) can be added by playing them through the RCA Aux input. Advantage: using a Dock & Play unit allows the user to have only one account for multiple vehicles by using additional car docks.

  • Q.How deep are the radios?

    A.The Custom Autosound USA-230, USA-630, and USA-740 radios are 6.5" deep. The OE replica radios form Antique Automobile radio vary slightly in depth, but none are deeper than 3.5".

    Q.Is it necessary to hook up the yellow memory wire when installing a Custom Autosound Radio even if I do not need the memory?

    A.Yes. The unit will not turn on without the memory wire connected.

    Q.Can I add an additional amplifier to drive the speakers?

    A.Yes. The Custom Autosound USA-230 and USA-630 radios have 4 channel pre-amp outputs. The Slidebar and USA-740 radios have 4 channel pre-amp outputs and a subwoofer output. The AAR OE replica radios come with a 2 channel pre-amp output and a subwoofer pre-out.

    Q.If I do not have a power antenna, can I use the blue (power antenna) wire as the remote turn-on for an amp?

    A.Yes. The power antenna lead on the back of the radio will provide 12 volts to a power antenna, an amplifier, or both.

    Q.Can I use my iPhone to connect to the iPod Connection?

    A.The iPod connection comes with the classic iPod, 30 pin connector. The direct iPod connection does not work with iPhone or iPod touch. If you have an iPhone, we recommend using a radio with Bluetooth. All of our radios can stream Bluetooth audio with the purchase of the 12V RCA Bluetooth Adapter or the BluKit. On the USA-630 and Slidebar radios, the BluKit allows for hands-free calling while the RCA adapter only allows you to stream music.

    Q.My USA-630 seems to be stuck in a “Search” mode and will not stay on any one station but for a few seconds. What can I do?

    A.Look at the display to see if “TA” appears on the screen. If so press and hold the “MODE” button until it disappears. If the radio does not lock on to any station, check the antenna.

    Q.I want to play my old CD's, do you have any classic car radios with a CD player?

    A.The Custom Autosound USA-630, USA-740, and Slidebar radios can add an external, single CD player. We do not offer any tuner shaft radios with a CD player in the unit itself. In most classic cars, the dash opening is not wide enough for a CD to fit through, therefore it must be a separate unit. If your dash has been cut or if you have a standard, DIN size, 2" x 7" opening, the USA-4 and our other DIN radios are available with an in-dash CD player. We no longer offer a 6 disc changer as production and parts became obsolete.

    Q.Do you make any classic car radios with cassette players?

    A.We no longer offer any classic car radios with cassette players. The USA-1 was discontinued several years ago when the components to make the new cassette players became obsolete.

    Q.Do you make any classic car radios with cassette players?.

    A.We no longer offer any classic car radios with cassette players. The USA-1 was discontinued several years ago when the components to make the new cassette players became obsolete.