How to Bench Test Your Radio
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How to Bench Test Your Radio

How to Bench Test Your Radio

If your radio is not powering on, the easiest way to determine whether it is an issue with the radio or the vehicle is to bench test the radio. This isolates the radio from the fuse box and any other vehicle wiring connections. For the most part, this is a fail-safe way to determine, "Is the problem with the wiring, or a problem with the radio?"

What do you need?

  • A 12-volt power source (Usually your car's battery)
  • The radio out of the vehicle
  • The power harness pigtail that was including with the radio
  • Your Custom Autosound radio
  • Alligator clamps are helpful, but not required

It is usually helpful to have a second person. If you don't have alligator clamps.

  • One to hold the wires to the battery terminals.
  • The other person presses the left volume shaft in to turn the radio on.

Steps to Bench Test Your Radio

  1. Hold/Connect the yellow B+ wire to the positive terminal on the battery
  2. Hold/Connect the red ACC wire to the positive terminal on the battery
  3. Hold/Connect the black ground wire to the negative terminal on the battery
  4. Press the left volume shaft to turn the radio on

Please Note: The three wires will have to all be touching the correct battery terminals at the same time. If one wire loses connection, the radio will not turn on.

  • If the radio turns on. The radio works.
  • If the radio does not turn on, double check your connections to your battery
  • If the radio still doesn't turn on, please check the fuses.
  • If the radio still doesn't turn on, please call us at 760-477-8525.
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