GMC Dash Speakers

We offer GMC speakers to fit the dash of your classic GMC truck. Whether your truck came factory with a single, mono speaker, or factory stereo sound, we offer speakers to fit your dash. Depending on your vehicle, we offer speakers with or without a bracket and dual voice coil speakers. There are two different styles of speakers, a dual dash mount speaker and a dual voice coil speaker. A dual dash mount speaker consists of two, 3.5" speakers mounted on a board. The dual dash mount speakers are available with either Custom Autosound or Kenwood speakers. The dual voice coilspeakers consist of a speaker with two tweeters on it, one for the left and one for the right. We recommend the dual voice coil speakers as they provide better mid-range frequency due to the fact that the speaker conehas more speaker area and the speaker has a higher power rating.
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