Antique Automobile Radio

Antique Automobile Radio, Inc. began manufacturing car radio vibrators in 1982 as there were no new vibrators available and the originals didn’t last longer than about 18 months. As such, Antique Automobile Radio designed a solid state vibrator which they produced in metal cans with the same base and dimensions as the originals. As a result of the solid state design, Antique Automobile Radio’s car vibrators maintain a long service life with now over 60 different types. Consequently, Antique Automobile Radio designed a FM “front end tuner” in addition to simply AM. This FM conversion was refined many times and eventually paved the way for the Stereo Conversion.

In 1996 Antique Automobile Radio introduced the Stereo Conversion. The conversions are made to fit inside the original radio maintaining the classic look and feel. This conversion enabled Antique Automobile Radio to infuse the radios with modern options including AM/FM tuner, 180 watts RMS output power and an auxiliary port for iPods, MP3 players and satellite receivers. The combination of cutting-edge technology and original features has fashioned a unique replica radio that fits seamlessly in your classic car.

All Antique Automobile Radios now come with Bluetooth built in. AAR has continued to the lead the way with full-feature, OE replica radios that give you the features you want and a look that can fool judges. No need to sacrifice the 100% stock look in order to get Bluetooth anymore!
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