Hertz Kick Panels for Classic Cars

Hertz Audio is well known for their speakers and amplifiers but they also have kick panels that are just as reliable and efficient. Hertz Cento kick panels are extremely durable and can be used in classic Chevy Chevelle, El Caminos, Buick Skylarks, Ford Mustangs and more! Hertz kick panels come with pre-installed speakers so no need to prepare yourself for the installation process. We include speaker grilles that have a solid foundation to protect the speaker from any external interference that could hinder the speakers performance. Hertz kick panels includes the traditional PEI tweeter domes that are made out of Tetolon material; this allows for more natural sound waves to be emitted from your Hertz speakers. If you want to add that extra kick in your sound system at an affordable price, then look no further than Classic Car Stereos!
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