Plymouth Duster Radios

We do not offer original replacement radios for the Plymouth Duster that will fit your original dash without any modifications. What we do offer for Plymouth Duster radios is our USA4 DIN sized radio and the Secretaudio SST and SRMS. These radios work well with dashed that have been modified or have the original or an older aftermarket radio installed.

The USA4 DIN sized radio is 7.2" x 2" long and features an in dash CD player. This radio is the same size as the modern radios you see at your local stereo shop or best buy, but is designed to look classic like a tuner shaft radio. It is available in both a chrome and black face plate.

In addition to the USA4, we also offer the Secretaudio SST and Sercetaudio SRMS hidden classic car radios for your Duster. These radios are designed to fit under a seat, in the trunk, or any other location you choose. The SST features a 2"x5"x.75" LCD display that is wired to the black box while the the SRMS features a wireless hand held to control the radio.

The last option is to do a custom classic car radio. These are custom built USA-230, USA-1 or USA-630 radios to fit dashes that might not be off the shelf products for us. In order for these radios to work, the center opening must be at least 1.5" tall, 3.5" wide, and the knob spacing must be between 5.25"-7.75" inches.
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