Kicker Marine Grade Remotes and Controllers

Kicker Audio offers the top notch Marine Grade remotes and controllers and now they are available for purchase at Classic Car Stereos. The Kicker ZXMRLC Remote Control is a weather resistant controller that is extremely durable and will resist any type of weather conditions that might face your boat while sailing. This controller is one of a kind because it features 2 RCA stereo outputs, stereo input and a preamp that produces up to 9V RMS levels, which makes your amplifier stronger and consistent.

We also feature a RGB Lighting Controller that features 19 lighting modes and 20 colors to choose from for the lights on your water vessel. This RGB controller is about the size of a credit card, which makes it easier to use and you can store it anywhere on your vessel with no worries about where to place it. With this RGB controller you can control the fade, brightness and the strobe control of your LED lights to make your light show a more efficient and fun night out on your boat!
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