Kicker Classic Car Stereo Packages

Kicker Audio is the one of the most respected audio manufacturing companies in the industry and now has premium stereo kits available at Classic Car Stereos. These kits are available for classic Chevys, Fords, Pontiac and Buick interiors. They feature kick panels, 30 feet of speaker wires and your choice of 4 or 5 channel amplifiers, which is good because if you want to add power to all of your speakers and subwoofers, Kickers 4/5 channel amplifiers will do the trick. The 4 channel amps are powered with 300W and the 5 channel amp uses 600W. Kicker 4 channel and 5 channel amplifiers gives your speakers the perfect bass boost to give better sound quality from your stereo system. Classic Car Stereos recommends using 4 channel amps for music with minimal bass sounds like jazz, or country music because it gives the songs extra the extra kick that it needs for a great sound experience. The 5 channel amps work well with more modern day music and the subwoofer gives more sub bass response from your speakers while you play your audio.
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