Kicker Audio Accessories

Get the best audio accessories for your classic audio system with premier parts and products from well-renowned company Kicker Audio. We have everything you need from subwoofer grilles and amplifier wiring kits to RCA signal cables and brass hardware. Kicker Subwoofer Grilles will provide solid defense for your subwoofer. They come in square, round and Comp R sizes and are powder-coated in aluminum material, which will make the grille impenetrable to outside elements. These grilles come in 8”, 10”, 12” or 15” grille sizes and are durable enough to fit into any size interior.

Kicker RCA Signal Cables are guaranteed to make your audio connection more reliable. Kicker makes sure to use 100% full AWG specs and oxygen-free copper in all of its wire products. For example, our Kicker Q-Series 4 Channel RCA Cables are made with silver-tinned, OFC wire which provides great wire flexibility, high-corrosion resistance and low internal resistance for maximum power transfer. It also gives you a superior bass response and signal clarity. Kicker amp wiring kits come with 2 channel options and are available in different sizes to match your stereo needs. Kicker Audios wiring kits are great investment because they have a variety of attachments at its disposal. It features Hyper-Flex power, remote turn-on cables and includes an AFS fuse holder to defend your fuse from overheating or being affected from outside elements. We recommend buying your kit with an amplifier because you will add an additional one year warranty on to the amplifier.
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