JL Audio Stereo Packages

Classic Car Stereos is proud to partner with JL Audio to give you the top of the line, premier stereo packages for classic Chevy, Ford, Oldsmobile and plenty more classic car interiors. These JL Audio stereo packages include the 3 famous USA radios: USA-230, USA-630 and the USA-740. The 230 model is your standard radio that includes the basic AM/FM stereo station and includes and auxiliary input. The 630 model includes everything the 230 has but also features a USB port, a CD-1 Player and the capability of adding a Bluetooth connection. The USA 740 models are the premium stereo because it has the 230 and 630 features but also comes with subwoofer pre-outs and a 7 color LCD display.

These kits also come with JL Audio Amplifiers to help boost the sound quality for your premier JL Audio stereo. Classic Car Stereos recommends using the RD Series 900 Watt 5-Channel Amplifier because it’s LED clipping indicator that allows you to tune your channels much easier than 4 channel amps. The 900 Watt 5 channel amp also includes a subwoofer, whereas the 4 channel amp does not. If you want the best stereo to enhance your audio in your car, then look no further than Classic Car Stereos and our JL stereo packages.
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