JL Audio RD1000/1 1000 Watt Monoblock Amplifier

JL Audio RD1000/1 1000 Watt Monoblock Amplifier
  • JL Audio Online Authorized Dealer
  • You Are Covered by JL Audio Mfg. Warranty
  • 1000W RMS x 1 @ 2 Ohms
  • LED Clipping Indicators
  • Affordable, Step-Up Performance from JL Audio
  • More Power & Cleaner Power than the JD1000/1
  • More Affordable than the XD1000/1v2
Item #: RD1000-1
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Are you looking for a 1000 watt JL Audio amplifier that will over deliver with plenty of clean power and LED clipping indicators that help you get the most out of your amplifier without adding distortion?

The JL Audio RD1000/1 is a perfect amplifier for powering 1 to 4 subwoofers, depending on their rated power. The RD1000/1 puts out 1000 watts of RMS power at 2 ohms and 600 watts at 4 ohms making it ideal to power virtually any and all JL Audio subwoofers. This amp uses JL's NexD switching technology to deliver clean power with incredible efficiency and low distortion.

RMS Power Output

The JL RD1000/1 puts out 1000W x 1 @ 2 Ohms, 800W x 1 @ 3 Ohms, and 600W x 1 @ 4 Ohms.

JL Audio NexD Class D Switching

The JL Audio RD amplifiers use JL's NexD switching technology to plenty of clean power to your subwoofer. The Class D circuity is very efficient and allows the amplifier to deliver the power you expect from a JL Audio amplifier without massive current draw. This is helpful if you have a hybrid, an electric car, or a vehicle with start/stop technology.

Accepts Both High and Low Level Inputs

It doesn't matter if you are using an aftermarket radio with low-level RCA pre-outs, a factory radio with speaker level outputs, the RD1000/1 can accept either input. There is a switch on board and you select whether you are sending high level (speaker wire) or low level (RCA) inputs into the amplifier. In addition, the amplifier has auto-turn on capablity. You don't necessarily need to run a remote wire. The amplifier will turn on with audio signal or you can choose to go the old fashioned way with the remote wire. Please note, the input connection use RCA connections. If you plan to use speaker level inputs, you will need speaker wire to RCA converters.

Sleek Black Appearance

The RD1000/1 comes in a stylish, black finish with control on the top of the amplifier underneath the protectie cover. Underneath, yuo will find the 12dB/octave crossover and low pass filters. You have the option of running high or low level inputs, and the amp features automatic turn-on capability. The RD1000/1 has a 2-channel pre-amp output that allows you to easily add an additional amplifier if you have a larger system with multiple amps for your subwoofers

Signal Processing

This amplifier has low pass filter only and the crossover slope is 12dB/octave. This is standard for most monoblock, subwoofer amplifiers. If you step up to the XDv2 series amplifiers, they come with a selectable 12/24dB/octave switch to steepen that curve and provide faster drop off of those higher frequencies. But, 12dB/octave is fine for most customers.

LED Clipping Indicators

One of the unique features of the JL RD amplifiers is the LED clipping indicator. When you play test tunes, the amplifier will light up to first tell you when you get a clipped signal from your radio or head unit. This tells the volume level which you should never exceed. Next, once you know where your radio clips, you turn the gain up on the amplifier until you see the LED light up again. You turn the gain back slightly to make the light stop illuminating and you have gains perfectly set. This takes the guesswork out of the setting your gains and ensures maximum power output without disotrtion and clipped signals.

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Product Specs
Class D
Output @ 4 Oms
600W x 1 RMS
Output @ 3 Ohms
800W x 1 RMS
Output @ 2 Ohms
1000W x 1 RMS
Frequency Response
7 Hz - 500 Hz
S/N Ratio Referred to 1 W
>50 dB (A-weighted, 20 Hz - 20kHz Noise Bandwidth)
THD+N @ Rated Power
<1% @ 2 Ohm Per Channel
Input Range
Switchable. Accepts Both High & Low Level Inputs
Minimum Power Wire Gauge
Fuse Rating
80 A (AFS,AGU or MaxiFuse)
Low-Pass Only
Crossover Slope
12 dB/octave
Filter Frequency Range
50 Hz - 500 Hz
Infrasonic Filter
Bass Boost EQ
Bass Knob
RGB-1 (Sold Separately)
Pass Through Output
14.660"(W) x6.96" (D) x 2.13" (H)

California Prop 65 Warning:
California Prop 65 Warning. Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


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