JL Audio Pro Wedge Subwoofer Enclosures

Upgrade your stereo system with JL Audios Prowedge Subwoofers from Classic Car Stereos. Prowedge systems are superior sub-bass fidelities feature JL Audios premier W7AE subwoofers. Features sound qualities of W6v3 and TW3 subwoofer drivers to deliver exceptional output performance and top notch sonics in a variety of vehicles and applications. Prowedge Subwoofers come in single or dual style subwoofer drivers. Prowedge subwoofers are extremely durable and uses a polymer crafted grille bar to protect your subwoofer from taking damage or hits that can harm your subwoofer drive. Prowedge subwoofers use 200-1000W power so if you’re ready to take your stereo system to the next level then JL Audio Prowedge Subwoofers are the way to go!
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