JL Audio Power Connections

JL Audio power wires are the perfect addition to enhance the sound quality of your classic stereo system. We have two different types of power wires: Core and Premium Power Wires. Premium Power Wires are made with pure OFC copper material to have more corrosion resistance and is capable of installing into marine stereos to help increase the production for your boat or water vessel. These wires come assembled with fine-strand construction and a soft exterior jacket to deliver excellent flexibility to your wiring. Each connector comes in different AWG sizes like 2, 4 or 8.

Our Core Power Wires are much different than the premiums considering that the material uses oxygen-free, fine-stranded copper and comes in 30 or 60 amp capacities. Whatโ€™s essential about the cores material is that the copper provides consistent conductivity while maintaining its supreme flexibility. ; comes in Black or Red colors. All of our power wires are easy to install and will give your stereo system a much needed boost in sound quality and bass volume.
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