JL Audio MicroSub+ Subwoofer Enclosures

Easily upgrade the sound quality of your audio system with JL Audio Microsub/Subwoofers from Classic Car Stereos. These systems come pre-installed with a DCD amplifier technology to get the best performance out of your audio player. DCD amplifiers dont include a traditional switching power supply, which allows them to generate an extreme amount of power at a high efficiency rate. Furthermore, these microsub subwoofers combine direct power conversion with an ultra-high current output section to give that added bass and kick to your sound frequencies. These high-powered engines operate at 400W power and peak at about 800. JL Audio makes sure to protect your microsub with a black, steel mesh grille that is highly flexible and built to hold its ground for years to come. All of our microsub subwoofer systems come with the option of having an RB-1 remote control that allows you to control subwoofer levels from the drivers seat. Browse through our grand selection of JL Audio Microsub Subwoofers to enhance the quality of your audio system today!
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