JL Audio H.O. Wedge Subwoofer Enclosures

Classic Car Stereos can help you completely restore the audio system for your interior with H.O. Wedge Subwoofers that are built to bring excellent sound quality and an awesome output. H.O Wedge Subwoofers are designed with patented, chamber-coupled port design that wraps around the entire structure of the subwoofer. These subwoofers are wired to connect through a five-way post terminal and use smaller enclosure requirements to make fitting in small, compact interiors more feasible. JL Audios H.O. Wedge models combine their power handling abilities along with the efficiency of the entire subwoofer system to give your entire stereo sound a unique performance combination! Treat your audio system to better and more complete subwoofers with JL Audio H.O. Wedge Subwoofers from Classic Car Stereos!
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