JL Audio Amplifier Wiring Kits

Get the best tools to help reignite the fire sound quality for your interior. JL Audio provides the best sound system attachments to make listening to music in your car more enjoyable. Classic Car Stereos now offers premium amplifier wiring kits that are designed to work with one or two amplifiers. These JL Audio power connection kits run on 100A fuse rating giving your system much more power and kick than before. Each kit comes with a hex wrench to keep your fuse in place while the system is running. JL Audio Amp Wiring Kits come in 2, 4 or 8 AWG sizes and each is incredibly easy to install! If you get a wiring amp that comes with a fused distribution block, we recommend buying the proper Maxi to install into your distribution block. Maxis need to be selected base on the fuse rating of your amplifier and because of that it is not included with the kit.
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