JL Audio Amplifier Accessories

JL Audio Amplifier Accessories will help boost the sound quality for the audio system in your interior. These accessories are designed to make your JL Amplifiers more efficient and easy to use. Our amp accessories separate themselves from other parts on the market for their extreme versatility and simplicity. For example, our VXi-HUB JLid Comm and Optical Audio Network Hub allow a network of VXI amplifiers to respond to synchronized commands from a DRC controller (THE DRC-100, DRC-200 or the DRC-205). The commands can include the master volume, subwoofer level, fader, zone level or the preset selection. How about our Remote Bass Controls or RBC-1s; these controls are designed to adjust the overall sound level of the amplifier from the front of your vehicle. They can be used to control the sound levels for both JL Audio Amps and JL Audio Subwoofers. Classic Car Stereos provides a wide variety of audio accessories from JL Audio that will benefit your sound system. Browse through out selection today to pick out the best accessory for your classic stereo system!
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