JL Audio 10" TW1 CS210LG-TW1 with JD500/1 500 Watt 10 Inch Subwoofer Kit

JL Audio 10" TW1 CS210LG-TW1 with JD500/1 500 Watt 10 Inch Subwoofer Kit
  • (1) JL Audio CS210LG-TW1-2 Dual 10" TW1 Loaded Enclosure
  • (1) JL Audio JD500/1 500W Mono Amplifier
Item #: CS210LG-TW1-JD500-1
Radio Extended Warranty Coverage starts after the included 2-year warranty
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This kit includes the JL Audio CS110LG-TW3 dual 10 inch TW1 loaded enclosure and a JD500/1 500 watt amplifier.

The CS210LG-TW3 is a loaded enclosure with two, 10 inch TW1 subwoofers that has been wired to a 2 ohm load. Each 10 inch TW1 subwoofer handles 300 watts RMS, giving the enclosure itself the ability to handle 600 watts RMS from the amplifier. The sealed enclosure is designed and optimized by the team at JL Audio for maximum performance and output from the TW1 subwoofers.

The TW1 subwoofers are surprising with their output. These subwoofers are super clean, they hit hard, and they are nice and "punchy" in this sealed enclosure. One of the benefits of the JL Audio TW1 and this enclosure is the width of the subwoofers. The mounting ring on the TW1's are chopped off which allows you to mount them closer together. In addition, the box doesn't need to be as tall. When you compare the output and the size of the enclosure, there aren't many loaded enclosures that can compete with the CS210LG-TW1. Many "shallow" subwoofers available for cars sound shallow, the TW1 subs do not. The CS110LG-TW3 comes covered with high-quality, black carpet with "JL Audio" embroidery and subwoofer grilles pre-installed.

The JL Audio JD500/1 amplifier delivers 500 watts RMS at 2 ohms, making it a great match for the 10 inch TW3 subwoofer. Since the TW3 is rated at 400 watts RMS, you want to make sure you don't turn the gain up all the way and risk blowing the subwoofer.

The JD500/1 uses JL's NexD switching technology to efficiently deliver power to your subwoofer. The JD500/1 has many of the same technologies used in the RD500/1 and the XD series amplifiers, but the thermal management and internal components of the RD and the XD are better and thus more expensive. The JD500/1 comes with LED clipping indicators that allow you to determine where the radio clips on the input and where to set the gain on the amplifier to ensure that you never get a clipped signal. This helps extend the life of both your amplifier and your subwoofer while also providing a better listening experience, without distortion. The JD500/1 has a selectable, low-pass filter between 50-500Hz at 12dB/octave and accepts both high and low level inputs.

For quickly and easily adjust the bass level for each song and recording, don't forget to add the RBC-1 bass knob.

What else will I need?

If you don't already have these items, you will likely need them for installation
  • An Amp Wiring Kit - If you don't already have an amplifier wiring kit, make sure to get one. With this amplifier, an 8 AWG kit will be able to provide the power necessary for the amp. However, make sure your wiring kit uses full-spec, OFC copper, and not copper coated aluminum (CCA). If you go on eBay, or to that company named after a jungle in Brazil, and see an amp wiring kit for really cheap, chances are it is CCA. This robs your amplifier of power and it increases the fire risk. Don't spend the money on a quality product like JL Audio and then cheap out on the amp wiring. That would be like putting pump gas in a race car. Our Classic Car Stereos 4 AWG & 8 AWG amp wiring kits use full spec, OFC copper wire and include a 17 foot RCA cable
  • Speaker Wire or RCA Cable for Input- If you buy our wiring kit, a 2 channel, 17 foot RCA cable is included. If you are using the high level inputs from your radio, you will need speaker wire to splice from your existing speaker wire, or to connect to the back of the radio.
  • Speaker Wire to RCA Adapter - If you choose high-level inputs, you will need speaker level to RCA adapters.
  • Speaker Wire - You need to connect your subwoofer to your amplifier.
  • Bass Knob (Optional) - Adding a bass knob lets quickly and easily adjust the level of your subwoofer. Every song and recording is different and so are the bass levels. The bass knob lets you adjust the bass to your personal preference, prevent distortion, and extend the life of your subwoofer.
JL Audio CS110LG-TW1-2
Recommended RMS Power Handling
Subwoofers Included
(2) 10TW1-4
Wired Impedance
Enclosure Style
Width: 22"
Height: 11.75"
Depth: 7.313"
Grille Included
JL Audio JD500/1
Power Rating
250W x 1 @ 4 Ohms
350W x 1 @ 3 Ohms
500W x 1 @ 2 Ohms
Frequency Response
10 Hz- 150 Hz (+0, -1dB)
LED Clipping Indicators
Accepts High and Low Level Inputs
Low Pass Filter
12 db/octave Filter Slope
0 to +12 db Bass Boost @ 45 Hz
Optional Bass Knob (RBC-1) Sold Separately
7.83" (L) x 7.68" (W) x 2.09" (H)

California Prop 65 Warning:
California Prop 65 Warning. Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


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