HushMat WaveBreaker Sound Dampening

Hushmat Wave Breaker material is used to exterminate any standing wave or back wave vibration that can be prevalent in your car, truck, boat or RV speakers. Wave vibration offsets your sound frequency, allowing sounds to come out fixed or corrupted while other sounds come out with the full amplification. Hushmat Wave Breaker uses large cell foam that eliminates standing/back waves from forming in your speakers and keeps your sound system running smooth with no hitch in between. Waves are created because speaker cone is constantly moves in and out of your stereo, causing static and distortion over time. When you use our Hushmat Wave Breaker behind your speaker it absorbs the back waves that cause the distortion and prevents it from bouncing back and forth between your speakers, which causes the distortion in the first place. Hushmat Wave Breaker Sound Dampening kits are manufactured in the USA and are guaranteed to improve your sound quality.
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