Hushmat Ultra Speaker Kit 2 Sq. Ft Black

Hushmat Ultra Speaker Kit 2 Sq. Ft Black
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Product Description

The Hushmat Ultra Speaker Kit is designed to block out road noise, tire noise, and engine noise below 1000 hertz while also preventing floor and firewall heat from the engine and exhaust. The HushMat ultra material will block 50% of the sound and 40% of the heat from entering the interior of your vehicle. This speaker kit contains four, 6"x12" sheets of sound deadening material with a black backing. The HushMat ultra material is designed to install behind or around your speakers in order to block out noise and provide better sound.



Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Difference Between Black & Silver Backing?
Performance wise? None! Both the black and silver backing HushMat Ultra sound deadener perform the same. We recommend black as it does not seem the stand out as much.

Who Else Uses HushMat?
HushMat is the only SAE approved sound deadening material and has been used on virutally every new car built in the United States, Canada or Mexico in the last 20 years. The SAE (Society of Automotive Enginners) is the standard approval used within the automotive industry to qualify products and suppliers.

Where Can I Use HushMat Ultra?
HushMat Ultra is designed to be used on any metal, vehicle surface. Because of it's adhesion guarantee, the same product can be used on the floor, doors, firewall, cargo area, or even the roof!

How Much Does HushMat Ultra Weigh?
HushMat Ultra weighs approxmiately .50 lb per sq. ft. It is not quite .50 lbs/sq. ft, but just under it as this is considered the optimal sound deadening weight for vehicles as determined by the SAE.

Should I add Silencer Megabond?
Silencer Megabond is a great addition to the Ultra material and is designed to block frequencies from 1000Hz to 4000Hz while also blocking up to 60% of thermal transfer when combined with HushMat Ultra. We recommend using both together for the ultimate sound and thermal damping, but Silencer Megabond is not required!

HushMat is the only sound deadener on the market that is SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) approved. The difference between HushMat and the other sound deadening material out there is the composition of the material itself. HushMat uses a thin foil with 100% butyl rubber composition. There are no plastic or asphalt fillers are added to this product. The 100% rubber composition allows HushMat to manufacture a material that actually works at high temperatures, above 180 degrees, and installs easily without requiring you to use harsh chemicals to clean the entire interior surface. Other products on the market start to get viscous, runny, lose adhesion and stop working. HushMat will maintain its consistency, adhesion, and continues to dampen sound up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Finally, HushMat stays pliable in cold weather and does not get floppy in warm weather like other products on the market in order to make the installation as easy as possible.


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