HushMat Silencer Megabond Sound Dampening

Hushmats Silencer Megabond Sound kits features slender sound absorbing foam that can completely eliminate any soundwaves that could come through your interior. Megabond kits are extremely light and weigh-in around less than .2 pounds per square foot. It works well in a car, truck, boat or RV and is easy to install in all vehicles. Hushmat material absorbs any airborne noise that comes out from your exhaust pipes, tires, engine or even the wind that hits your car while you drive. You can apply the Silencer Megabounds to your door panels, headliner, flooring and even in trunk spaces as well. All of Hushmats Silencer Megabond Sound Kits are self-adhesive and can easily be molded onto uneven surfaces.
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