Hertz Marine Audio

Getting ready to go on a cruise with your boat or a cruise? If you are looking for a great sound system to go with it? Look no further than Classic Car Stereos with our top quality Marine Audio line manufactured from Hertz Audio. We carry top of the line Hertz Marine Speakers, Hertz Marine Subwoofers and Hertz Marine Amplifiers; all designed to give your boat ride the best sound equipment on the market. We now have Marine Coaxial speakers that are just as easy install as regular Coaxial Speakers and these Marine models are made in 6.5” and 8” speaker sizes. These speakers features UV resistant polypropylene to protect against the suns harmful UV rays, which is beneficial for your speakers when you’re sailing on your boat. We also have Marine Tower Speakers Coaxial Speakers that plays music at a high output levels and uses a high density flux ferrite Woofer Magnet and a Neodymium Tweeter Magnet for a better quality sound and longevity in your car. Hertz also offers Marine Infinite Baffle Subwoofers that can add 2 OHM configuration to get the most power out of your amplifiers.

Our Hertz Marine Amplifiers use either 4 channel or 5 channel mode that can run on 65 watts power and peak at 210 watts power. Hertz Amps have power supplies that feature numerous winding transformers and a 24 dB adjustable lo-pass subwoofer filter. What separates these amplifiers from others on the market is its fully adjustable Lo-Pass, Hi-pass filters with 12dB/Oct. Hertz Marine Amplifiers also feature a Bass Boost to enhance the low frequency sound signals that are emitted from the amplifier. These Hertz Amplifiers are excellent additions to your sound system and if you will not be disappointed if you decide to go with these amps to enhance the speakers on your boat ride!

Hertz Marine Subwoofers are assembled from infinite battle application. Our Infinite Battle Subwoofers can produce the low frequency range by adding bass output and punch to maximize the overall performance of your sound system. The Battle Subwoofers basically replace the main speakers because they handle the same amount of work that they do. The system runs on 500 Watts Power, which is much higher than other standard subwoofers on the market. If you have the option of adding a 2 OHM configuration that strengthens the amplifier power and adds more bass to your sound system.

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