Hertz Amplifiers

Classic Car Stereos offers top quality amplifiers from one of the most accomplished audio manufacturing companies in the USA, Hertz Car Audio. Hertz Amplifiers are made with a compact design to benefit the smallest of cars and interiors. Unlike other amplifiers, these Hertz Amplifiers use extruded aluminum and lightweight materials for heat dissipation and allows the amp to run efficiently at full power so that your stereo is able to play music and hear sound at deep bass for a long period of time without overheating. These Hertz Amplifiers can be used to help elevate the sound from your subwoofers, improve sound quality from your speakers and create a louder, deeper bass for your audio system without hearing that troubling distortion that can aggravate your ears and your passengers. Whether itโ€™s a 950W 5 Channel Amplifier or a Sub-Volume Amp Remote Control, you wonโ€™t be disappointed with the grand selection of Hertz Amplifiers that Classic Car Stereos has to offer!
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