Ford T-Bird OE Replica Radios

These Ford Thunderbird OE replica radios are made by Antique Automobile radio and are designed to look exactly like your original radio, down to the smallest details, while offering modern features such as a digital AM/FM tuner and an auxiliary input. These Thunderbird radios feature 180 watts of constant power (4 x 45W RMS) and the needle on the tuner dial will actual move when the radio is seeking for a new station. All of the original knobs are fully functional as are the push button pre-sets. These Antique Automotible Radio, Thunderbird radios come back by a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer and offer the finest craftsmanship as evident by the die-cast, chrome faces. Don't spend the money on a re-built original radio that may or may not have the features when you can get an exact replacement, with modern technology for less money. If you have a Thunderbird that is judged or just simply want the best, these radios are definitely the way to go.
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