Ford Sound Deadening Kits

Classic Car Stereos is proud to offer classic Ford sound deadening kits made from the industry leader, HushMat. On this page you can find sound dampening material for your entire truck or car or you can buy smaller pieces to cover parts such as the doors, speakers, license plate, trunk, or even the floor. The HushMat Ultra sound deadening material features a 100% butyl rubber construction. . It is the only sound deadening product on the market that is approved by the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers).

These Ford sound deadening kits do not require any special chemicals for surface prep or tools for installation. You simply need to vacuum the surface, peel the backing off and stick it on. The adhesion on the HushMat in these Truck sound deadening kits is 100% guaranteed from its -30 to 500 degree Fahrenheit temperature rating. The HushMat Ultra material will not turn goopy and will still block the sound and heat within this range. Our Truck sound deadening material cuts with simple household scissors and does not contain any plastic fillers.
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