Dodge Charger Radios

These Dodge Charger radios will fit the original dash opening of your 1971-1973 Dodge Charger. Our radios are made by Custom Autosound and have modern features, yet maintain classic styling, all without making you hack up your dash. We offer three different radio models for the 71-73 Charger. The USA-230 is a basic AM/FM radio with an auxiliary input so that you can play any device with a headphone jack. The USA-230 has 200 watts of peak power over 4 channels. The USA-630 Dodge Charger radio features 300 watts of power, 4 x 45W RMS, an auxiliary input, USB port, the ability to add a CD Changer, a direct iPod connection, and the ability to add our BluKit Bluetooth module. The newest radio we offer is the USA-740. This radio has bluetooth built into the stereo itself, along with more modern features.

Mopar was somewhat inconsistent with their dash and radio openings. If you have an older Mopar from the early 70's, there is a chance this radio will work for your application. The rectangular opening is 3-1/2" wide and 1-7/16" tall. The knob spacing from the center of the left knob to the center of the right knob is 2". If those dimensions match your dash, this radio will work.

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