Custom Autosound USA-630 Classic Car Radio

Custom Autosound USA-630 Classic Car Radio
  • AM/FM Digital Tuner
  • AUX Input
  • USB Port
  • Bluetooth Handsfree Optional By Adding the BluKit
  • Option to Add CD Player w/ CD-1
  • Comes out of the Box, Ready to Install
  • Backed By 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Item #: USA-630
Radio Add-OnsAccessories for More Functionality
Radio Extended Warranty Coverage starts after the included 2-year warranty
Ships in 4-5 days
Free Shipping

AM/FM + AUX + 300 Watts of Power

The Custom Autosound USA-630 radio comes with AM/FM stereo, a USB port for a flash drive, direct iPod connection, a CD changer controller, RCA auxiliary input and the ability to connect the BluKit and add Bluetooth capability. This radio has 300 watts of power and the iPod connection is built into the back of the radio.

More Power than the USA-230

The 300 watt peak output of this radio is perfect if you are looking for an upgrade in sound quality over the USA-230, but you don't have the budget or desire for an amplifier. The USA-630 has 4 channel pre-amp outputs so that you can add an amplifier if you choose. The 4 channel outputs are perfect for a 4 channel amplifier. If you want a 5 channel amplifier because you want to add a subwoofer, most 5 channel amplifiers will work with 4 channels of input. The amplifier will take the signal from the 4 channels, combine it, and use it for the subwoofer. We recommend using a bass knob for quick and easy subwoofer level adjustment. It's faster and easier than using the interface on any radio.

USB Port

The USB port on the USA-630 radio allows you to plug in a thumb drive and play the MP3 files off of your computer through your radio. You can also use the USB port to charge your phone. However, the USB port does not support playback through your iPod or iPhone. We recommend using Bluetooth or the AUX input to play music from your phone.

Bluetooth Streaming

While the Custom Autosound USA-630 radio does not come with Bluetooth built-in, we offer an RCA Bluetooth adapter that allows you to connect your phone and play your music through your radio via Bluetooth, without needing an AUX cord. The optional adapter does NOT allow for handsfree calling (but can the other person hear you over the wind, road, and exhaust noise?). If you want hands free calling, you can add the optional BluKit. The BluKit plugs into the CD changer controller on the back of the radio and allows you to play music from your phone via Bluetooth and also take advantage of hands-free calling. The BluKit comes with a microphone included which you can run to a location on your dash.

Optional CD

If you still listen to CDs, you can add the Custom Autosound CD-1, external CD player to the USA-630 radio. The CD-1 measures 7.1" x 1" x 7" and can be installed in the glovebox, under a seat, in the trunk, under the dash, or anywhere else where you may be able to hide it. If you want Bluetooth and the CD-1, no worries. The BluKit comes with a Y connection for the CD changer controller so you can install both the BluKit and the CD-1.

Other Accessories

This radio does come with the RCA cable for the auxiliary input and a USB flash drive. However, they are both located on the rear of the radio in order to keep the radio looking classic with the 5 push buttons. Our CCS-PSAP accessory is an RCA AUX and USB extension cable and port that will install in the cigarette lighter location in your dash. This allows you to quickly and easily plug and unplug the AUX and USB devices without cutting any additional holes, reaching into the glovebox, or fumbling behind your dash.

Fits In the Original Dash Location of Your Vehicle (Select Above)

If you're in the market for a radio this model with USB, but you don't need Bluetooth, this is the ideal replacement radio for your vehicle. No need to make any drastic cuts or modification to upgrade your audio, this radio fits in your stock dash location without any cutting or modifications required.

No Assembly Required. Arrives Ready to Install

For installation, the USA-630 comes out of the box ready to install. You do not have the assemble the radio yourself. The shafts have already been set to fit the stock dash opening and the nose piece is already connected. You don't have to put it together, set the knob spacing, set the knob height, test fit, or potentially scratch your dash while assembling the radio for installation.

Because the radio arrives pre-assembled, it makes installation faster and easier so that you can get back out on the road and drive your classic truck and without a headache.

If you are not installing it yourself and instead are paying someone to install it, it's one less hour (or sometimes two) of labor you have to pay for.

While working on classic cars is fun, we do it so that we can go out and drive them. This radio gets you cruising in your favorite vehicle, listening to your favorite tunes, with a big ol' smile on your face in less time, with a lower total cost.

2 Year Warranty

We stand behind our products and so does Custom Autosound. All USA-630 radios come backed by a 2 year warranty.


  • AM/FM Tuner
  • 300 Watts Peak Power (45W x 4 RMS)
  • Optional Bluetooth w/ BluKit Add On (Sold Separately)
  • RCA AUX Input (Rear)
  • USB Port
  • Direct Control for CD-1
  • 4 Channel RCA Pre-Outs
  • Digital Clock
  • Negative LCD Display (Black Background with White Letters/Number)
  • Alphanumeric Display for MP3/WMA/FLAC/WAV
  • Direct iPod Connection & Control - Classic iPod Only
  • Separate Bass & Treble Controls
  • 4 Way Fader
  • L/R Balance Control
  • 16 Presets - 12FM & 4 AM
  • Loudness Compensation
  • Electronic Tuning and Volume Control
  • Power Antenna Lead
  • USA & European Tuner Capability
  • Comes Out of the Box Ready to Install
  • Backed by Classic Car Stereos Lifetime Support
  • 2 Year Warranty

Customer Testimonials

I am one who takes a LONG time researching, analyzing, and exploring options before setting down money on an investment. The videos, advice, and support are terrific. You made shopping easy. Thank you! - Enrique V
Switched from a different vendor a couple projects ago. The support is great, product is amazing, good prices and fast shipping. What else does anyone want? - Andy

California Prop 65 Warning:
California Prop 65 Warning. Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


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