Buick Full Size Dash Speakers

We offer Buick full size dash speakers that are designed to fit in the original dash location of your full size Buick and provide you with stereo sound from a single, mono location.We offer both dual dash mount and dual voice coil speakers. The dual dash mount speakers consist of two, 3.5" speakers mounted on a board that will fit in your original speaker location. The dualvoice coil Buick full size speaker is a single speaker that has two tweeters on it, one for the left channel and one for the right channel. The dual voice coil speakers have a 140 watt peakpower rating and we recommend them for most applications because they provide more mid-range response. The main difference is on the dual voice coil speaker, the center is mid-rangecone whereas on the dual dash mount, the center is board, which does not make any sound.
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