Audison Prima Coaxial Speakers

We also offer top quality Coaxial Speakers that come in 4 or 5.25inches. The APX4 model features a Coaxial Tweeter allows for consistent sound emissions coming from your speakers. The 4inch cone surround system comes with a “Triple Wave” profile for the best possible range of sound coming from your Coaxial Speakers. The APX5 is similar to the APX 4 in that is has the Triple Wave profile and a Coaxial Tweeter, but it also features a 93dB/SPL rating to give the speakers a pure efficient sound quality and the bass levels for the APX5 is much smoother and louder than other 5” speakers on the market. Classic Car Stereos has a variety of speakers and amps that will do wonders for the audio system in your ride!
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