Audison Premium Stereo Packages

Audison Premium Stereo Packages are state of the art audio systems that will change the way you listen to music in your classic ride. These speakers are developed under the Prima line for Audison, which features a PEI Point Source Tweeters. PEI’ Tweeters are extremely durable because not only are they just as easy to install like Coaxial Speakers, they also put out the same sound quality for your music similar to Component Speakers. You won’t find stereo systems that give those both of those qualities, only with our Audison Premium Stereo Packages from Classic Car Stereos.

Our Audison Radios are designed to fit perfectly the dash location of your car without you having to modify or change the setup of your dash area. We feature USA-230, 630 and 740 style radios. The USA-230 is our standard radio edition that comes with an AM/FM tuner station and features an auxiliary input for mobile device audio. The USA-630 models have the same attachments as the 230 module, but features a USB port and gives you the option of installing a Bluetooth connection and adding an external CD Player if you choose to do so. Our USA-740 gives you even more than the 630 or 230 models. It has all the same attachments that the 630 and 230 models, AM/FM Tuner, USB Port, etc.. However the 740 has a built-in Bluetooth device, subwoofer pre-outs for better sound performance and it gives you the option of changing the color of the LCD Display between 7 different pre-set colors.

This kit comes with the option of 4 Channel or 5 Channel amplifiers depending on what attachments you pick out for your Audison Radio. If you don’t add a Pre-Out Subwoofer then we here at Classic Car Stereos recommend going with the 4 Channel option. If you decide to go with add a sub then the 5 Channel Amp is the way to go. All of our radios are manufactured in the USA from Audison Audio and made available at affordable prices here at Classic Car Stereos!
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