8.8 Inch and Larger Marine Tower Speakers

The 8.8" and larger marine tower speakers are for those that want maximum volume and distance, and are willing to pay up in order to be loud! JL Audio offers 8.8" M6 ETX towers, Kicker offers both 9" and 11" horn loaded speakers, and Wet Sounds has their REV 10 and REV 410. The 8.8" JL Audio speakers are not horn loaded and they will not give you the sheer volume and distance of horn loaded speakers, but they will provide you with a better overall sound quality compared to the horn tweeter versions. The Kicker horn loaded tower speakers and the Wet Sounds REV 10 and REV410 are going to be LOUD. These tower speakers are designed to ensure that the person you are towing hears the music crystal clear at distances up to 100 yards. Kicker offers theirs with a dual swivel clamp that allows for 359-degrees of rotation while Wet Sounds REV 10's are available in fixed clamp, swivel clamp, or with OE tower adapters in order to bolt directly to your factory speaker mounts.
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