7.7 Inch & 8 Inch Marine Tower Speakers

The 7.7" and 8" marine wake tower speakers are the most popular size for those looking to add speakers up top on their boat. JL Audio makes a 7.7" marine speakers and Wet Sounds, Rockford Fosgate, and Kicker make 8" diameter speakers, but we group them all together. The 8" diameter speakers give you improved bass response over the smaller 6.5" speakers, and the 8" category offers both standard and horn tweeter versions from Rockford Fosgate and Wet Sounds. The larger, 8" diameter gives much better mid-bass resposne and if you want to, you can probably get away without running a subwoofer due to the larger cone size. The 8" marine tower speakers usually handle more power than the 6.5" speakers so adding them may require an extra amplifier, but that will usually depend on whether or not you have horn loaded tweeters. If you have the horns, you want to make sure you are giving them enough power to get the volume and distance you are paying for.
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