6.5 Inch Marine Tower Speakers

6.5" marine wake tower speakers are going to be the most cost effective way to add tower speakers to your boat. All four manufacturers, JL Audio, Rockford Fosgate, Kicker, and Wet Sounds make 6.5" models and they handle the same amount of power as the 6.5" coaxial speakers in the hull, making it easy from an amplifier perspective. If you have 4 speakers in the hull and you want to add some tower speakers, you can run them off either the front or rear channel, drop the amplifier load down to 2 ohms, and you should be fine from a power standpoint. The 6.5" tower speakers usually will have better bass response than the coaxial speakers due to the fact that they are in a sealed enclosure. That being said, we usually recommend going with 8" or larger for tower speakers. The 8" larger speakers play louder and travel further, making them a better bang for your buck as tower speakers in general are not cheap. Tower speakers aren't necessarily cheap.
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