2 Channel Marine Amplifiers

2 channel marine amplifiers are perfect for powering 2 speakers or you can bridge them to power your subwoofers. A 2 channel marine amp is usually at opposite ends of the marine audio spectrum. It can be used to power one pair of speakers, or larger 2 channel amplifers are used to power massive, horn-loaded tower speakers. We offer solutions to meet the power, budget, and space requirement of any boat owner. If you are looking for something small, yet powerful, Rockford Fosgate has a great solution with their T400x4ad. If you are looking to power 4 REV 10's from Wet Sounds, the Wet Sounds SYN-DX HP 2 is an absolute monster and more than capable of giving the REV 10's the power they want. We offer free shipping and financing is available on all 2 channel marine amplifiers over $100.
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