1974-1978 Ford Mustang Radios

In addition to offering radios for classic Mustangs, Classic Car Stereos offers Mustang II radios for 1974-1978 Mustangs. We offer the three different radio models including the USA-230 radio which features 200 watts of power and an auxiliary input on the back of the radio so that you can connect an iPod, iPhone, Android, or any other device with a headphone jack. This is the basic model. The USA-630 is very similar to the USA-230 but includes a USB port, the ability to add a CD changer, a direct iPod connection, and the option to add bluetooth via BluKit. Our newest and best model is the USA-740. The USA-740 features Bluetooth built into the radio, chrome push buttons, 5 channel pre-amp outputs with subwoofer control as well as the USB port and CD changer controller. These radios fit in your original dash meaning you will not have to cut any of the dash in order to get these radios to fit. All Custom Autosound radios are backed by a two year manufacturer warranty.

*There is a helpful table at the bottom of this page to help you better understand the difference between each of the Custom Autosound radios (USA-230, USA-740, & USA-630).

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