1973-1979 Chevy Truck Speakers

1973-1979 Chevy truck dash speakers are available for vehicles with both original stereo and original mono speaker configurations. If your 1973-1979 Chevy truck was originally mono,the single speakers will give you stereo sound from that original, mono location. We offer three different Chevy truck dash speaker models to fit your vehicle. There are two different dual dash mount speakers and a dual voice coil speaker. The dual dash mount speakers consist of two, 3.5" speakers mounted on a board. The dual voice coil speaker consists of two tweeters on a 4"x10" speaker. The dual voice coil speaker will provide better mid range response that the dual dash mount speaker due to the fact that the cone is much larger.

If your truck originally came stereo, we offer two different options for bracketed, 3.5" speakers. We offer them with Custom Autosound speakers or with Pioneer speakers as upgrade. These speakers come on a bracket for easy installation in the corners of your Chevy pickup.
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