1972-1979 Ford Torino Radios

Here at Classic Car Stereos We offer three different radios for your 1972-1979 Ford Torino. These radios are designed to fit in the original dash location without requiring any cutting or modifying. All of our 1972-1979 Ford Torino radios come with AM/FM digital tuners and an RCA, auxiliary input on the rear of the radio. The USA-230 is our basic AM/FM radio with an aux input and 200 watts of peak power. The USA-630 is an AM/FM radio that comes with 300 watts of power (45w x 4 RMS) and features AM/FM, auxiliary input, a USB port, the ability to add a CD changer, the ability to add Bluetooth, and a direct, classic iPod connector. Our newest and best model is the USA-740, which now comes with integrated Bluetooth, just like a stereo in a new car of today would. Don't forget to stock up your classic Ford car with some new speakers to go along with that new but vintage looking radio!

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