1971-1989 Ford Galaxie Radios

Classic Car Stereos carries 1971-1989 Ford Galaxie radios that maintain their original look while offering modern sound technology. Our basic model is called the USA-230. It features an AM/FM tuner, and an auxiliary input on the rear of the radio. The USA-630 is very similar to the USA-230 but includes a USB port, the ability to add a CD changer, a direct iPod connection, and the option to add bluetooth via BluKit. Our newest and best model is the USA-740. The USA-740 features Bluetooth built into the radio, chrome push buttons, 5 channel pre-amp outputs with subwoofer control as well as the USB port and CD changer controller. The Custom Autosound Galaxie radios come backed by a two year manufacturer warranty and fit directly in your dash without any modifications.

*There is a helpful table at the bottom of this page to help you better understand the difference between each of the Custom Autosound radios (USA-230, USA-740, & USA-630).

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