1970 Chevelle/Camaro/Nova Radio with Bluetooth JL Audio Stereo Kit

1970 Chevelle/Camaro/Nova Radio with Bluetooth JL Audio Stereo Kit
  • 1 Antique Automobile OE Replica Radio with Bluetooth
  • Dual Voice Coil Dash Speaker
  • 1 Pair of JL Audio C2-690tx 6x9 Speakers with Grilles
  • 1 JL Audio Amplifier - Choose Model Above
  • 1 JL Audio Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure
  • 1 Amplifier Wiring Kit<
  • 30 Feet of Speaker Wire
Item #: 802201B-JLPSK
$1,822.86 $1,602.88
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Product Description

Our 1970 Chevelle, Camaro and Nova JL Audio Premium stereo kit will add amazing sound quality that is well balanced sound to your 1970 Chevelle, Camaro and Nova. We offer this kit with the Antique Automobile 1970 Chevelle, Camaro and Nova OE replica radio. The AAR 1970 Chevelle, Camaro and Nova OE replica radio features brand new technology including built in Bluetooth, but looks exactly like the original radio. The needle actually moves when you tune to each station, even though it is a digital tuner on the back end. The AAR radios feature metal components where they are supposed to be metal and plastic where they came plastic originally. The AAR OE replica radios feature 3 channel RCA pre-outs to add an amplifier and a 3.5mm auxiliary input. You can use the 3-channel output to either the 3 or 5 channel amplifier as the 5 channel amp will take the signal from the front and send it to the rear. Granted you lose the ability to fade, front to rear, but do you ever really set it at anything other than 0? Furthermore, you will be able to tune the front and rear outputs via the gain on the amp itself. This 1970 Chevelle, Camaro and Nova JL Audio premium stereo kit includes the radio, a front dash speaker, a pair JL Audio C2 6x9 speakers will grilles, either a 3 channel or a 5 channel JL Audio amplifier, and the option to select between various subwoofers.

The 1970 Chevelle, Camaro and Nova JL stereo package will give you great, balanced high quality sound in your 1970 Chevelle, Camaro and Nova without breaking the bank. With our package, you save over $175. The great thing is that you can leave the kit with the standard 500 Watt, 3 channel amp and the 10" WX subwoofer enclosure and you will have amazing sound in your vehicle. With this kit, the amp powers the rear 6x9 speakers and the subwoofer. The dash speaker is powered by the radio as it will mainly provide fill. The bulk of your high-quality sound will come from the rear 6x9's and the subwoofer will give you the perfect amount of bass so that you have home theater quality sound while cruising in your classic. The JL Audio C2 6x9s are perfect for classic car owners as they can be mounted from the top or bottom, allowing you to put a vented package tray over the 6x9's for that OE look both in the dash and it back all while having a great sounding system. The beauty is it will look all stock but it will amazing, modern, sound.

JL Audio is the leader in subwoofer and amplifiers for car audio. They began in the 1970's and the owner still builds and designs speakers and all products must get his stamp of approval before they are released to the market. With JL Audio, you know you are getting high quality sound above all. The XD amplifier in this kit offers 75 watts per channel to the speakers and up to 300 watts to the subwoofer, depending on which one you choose. The nice thing with the kit is regardless of whether of which sub you choose, the amp is matched perfectly with it due to the impedance. The more expensive the subwoofer, the more output you will get. The TW1 and TW3 offer the output of a full-size woofer in a compact, low profile size and the WX and W0 woofers are known for their sound quality reproducing the perfect amount of bass that sounds great, but isn't going to shake the ground or rattle like crazy.

At JL Audio, they pride themselves on well rounded, well balanced sound that is sure the please even the most demanding audiophile. Antique Automobile radio is the leader in direct fit, OE replica radios for classic cars. The AAR radios come backed by a 1 year warranty. This package combines two of the best with JL Audio and Antique Automobile Radio. You will not be disappointed with this kit for your 1970 Chevelle, Camaro and Nova.

OE Replica
Key Features
Looks Nearly Identical to the Original
Bluetooth Built In
Auxiliary Input
  • 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle
  • 1970 Chevrolet El Camino

California Prop 65 Warning:
California Prop 65 Warning. Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


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